From coffee speak to bespoke — blog writer Rohan shares his tale.

by agelfond

The writer for Richard James’ blog The Row dropped by class to share some of his personal experiences. Rohan Daft’s tale starts in coffee shop, like so many great ones usually do, having weekly conversation and coffee with a writer friend. Rohan was not a writer and had not studied journalism but his friend did not require that to start publishing Rohan’s table talk in the paper and hand him a check. After receiving several of these checks, he accepted the job that he was practically working.

The career had begun.

Going from gossip column to a theater section in the evening standard gave him plenty of practice at speed and efficiency in writing. Having 2 hours to write a 1000 word peice being published that day, can do that.

He spent 5 years working in print journalism doing these pieces that had to be out 3 times a day and didn’t realize the stress that that created until he was done. of course by meeting all of his stressful dealines, he got a great sense of accomplishment.

After working for the paper, Rohan went to Spain and basically became a freelancer. Print journalism can be a difficult world to work in, since it is no longer the most effective medium of relaying information. Print is dying but the world of journalism is bigger and more wide spread than ever. While in Spain, Rohan was commissioned to write a book about food.

After writing the book, Rohan Daft was at a loss. With print on the decline he wasn’t sure what his next step should be. It was then that he was contacted by Richard James and asked to write the blog he currently works at. One year strong, and The Row is better than ever.