by agelfond

The yearly phenomenon hosted by Discovery known as Shark Week is back. This year, they’ve asked Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg to come on the show, giving him the title of  “Chief Shark Officer”.
Read more about his induction here.

This year’s Shark Week will have plenty of the same that has made shark week more popular than ever, including such shows as “Shark City”, which will be done by Andy himself, and “Top Five Eaten Alive”.

For the first time on “Shark Week”, Discovery has teamed up with the Georgia Aquarium to bring a 24/7 live shark cam to the viewers that can’t get enough of the deadly predators.

Shark week’s popularity has grown so quickly that people are even publishing “What to wear” articles to lock in views over the best fashions during the programming. The band “Arcade Fire”, currently signed on as an opener for U2 on the world’s highest grossing tour, even changed their name for the first night of shark week to “Shark Attack” and played for less than 1000 people at the independant music festival, SappyFest.

Of course with sharks as a topic, shark attacks become a much bigger deal and up the frightened level quite a bit. More shark attack survival stories than ever are published, despite the fact that there are usually only 60 shark attacks a year in the entire world. Most scientists will agree that the threatening nature of sharks is great overexaggerated.