Happy Birthday Harry Potter :a review:

by agelfond

Last night marks the 31st birthday of fictional superstar Harry Potter and also marks the day that I saw the 7th HP movie, The Deathly Hallows pt.2. After reading all the books and seeing all the movies to this point, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been made clear that the movies do not directly follow the books yet still attempt to convey the same story which has had mixed results for the movies up to now. I would say that despite feeling plot rushed, the previous films did an excellent job visually portraying most everything that the viewers wanted to see and the movies have all fetched very decent reviews.

So onto the movie…

This is the end. Harry’s years at Hogwarts, and all the relationships he’s made are all tried and tested. This is his fight with You-Know-Who and this is his final puzzle being solved. He has one last task and one wild battle, and the wizarding world is as prepared as it can be.

The movie was good! As expected, there were plenty of parts that did not directly parallel the book but for visual’s sake, the choices were justified. The final movie does it’s job and strongly leads up to a final battle while making you care for all the characters. This was the climax of the series and leaves one feeling that fulfilling sense of accomplishment at the end.

…But on to the nit-picking: The acting wasn’t necessarily there. The visuals were stunning and top budget, as can be seen by the mood changing saturation effects that were toyed with for the entire film. The spells and scenery were all very believable and the mythical creatures were all a clever mix of CGI and good old fashioned make-up (short of a few giant creatures and animated statues). The only thing that bugs me about the movie was the lack of acting. Going from action scene to action scene makes Harry seem almost cold and careless. He had very little emphasis in his voice and the usual brilliant cast each had only one or two lines. Hermione and Ron are developed wonderfully and the one or two lines they had, worked for them, but the lack of dialogue from the rest of the cast where greeting and excitement would be expected, seemed a little out of place.

It was quite a ride and the finish was a dark yet thrilling portrayal of the end of an epic. This was a wonderful place to leave the series… So let’s hope “19 years later” doesn’t turn into Potter and Friends Enjoy Retirement.