Graffiti, Social Commentary, or Art? Of course I’m talking about Banksy

by agelfond

With the age of everyone wanting to sign everything, you can imagine what kids will do if given a can of spraypaint or a paint brush… make a culture of course. Tagging has become a game of it’s own that has escalated far beyond simply spelling one’s own name. It’s a night game of mystery and pseudonym that has little reward aside from self grattification. With that in mind, It’s hard to ignore the name of the great Banksy. Anonymous, political, and funny. He’s tagged half of London, yet no one is quite sure who he actually is or  if he’s one single person. He’s a tagger, of sorts, but there’s something special about him.

Not all artists are equal though. Newly arrested Daniel Halpin aka “Tox” was one that believed “tagging had taken over from more creative forms of graffiti” Banksy of course had something to say about this which can be interpreted in several different ways. I of course believe Banksy is calling Tox a child and demonstrating how art can be so superior to tagging.

So Tox, the artist that tags because it’s safer is in jail, and Banksy, the well thought out icon is free. This to me is the kind of poetic justice that only occurs when talent and hard are motivated by something positive and freeing. Let the taggers write their names on everything for some semblence of fame and fortune, while non-profiteering idealism shows that art can be made of something so childish.

Cheers, Banksy.